Year in Review 2014: Stephanie’s Three Favorite Stories

Year in Review: Stephanie's Three Favorite Stories

Our Year in Review series features the best of life at Full Sail in 2014, highlighting award-winning grads, popular student work, industry guests, and more.

When I started writing for FullSailBlog this past June, I had no idea how many interesting places my work would take me, or how many cool people I would meet in the process. The Full Sail community is huge; it extends all over the world, and yet it often feels like we’re part of a small, close-knit family. It’s been an honor to share these stories with you these past few months, and I can’t wait to see what next year holds. Here are a few of my favorite blog stories from 2014.

Let’s Get Complicated: Technology’s Impact on Television Storytelling
As a writer, I’m fascinated by the intersection of storytelling and technology. I really enjoyed talking to Creative Writing for Entertainment Course Director Julie Anne Wright about the ways in which technology is making it easier to tell more complex stories on television.

The Long Game: How to Market a Losing Team
Confession: my favorite sport is quidditch. While wizards don’t have to worry about filling seats during a slump, sports marketers are sometimes faced with the problem: how do you market a losing team? This fall, I spoke with Sports Marketing & Media faculty member Noel Beaulieu, who offered practical tips for bringing some magic back to struggling franchises.

The Evolution of the Recording Studio: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, & Part 4
I love this series by Amy that chronicles the evolution of recording over the last 35 years. By telling the individual stories of four Full Sail grads from four different decades, the greater story of an ever-changing industry comes to light. Although it focuses on the recording industry, this story is a good read for anyone interested in working in arts and entertainment, since nearly every industry has been marked by similar changes over the years.



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