Year in Review: Our Most Popular Videos

Our presence on YouTube got a lot more awesome this year with the launch of a brand new Full Sail University channel, featuring exclusive content, student work showcases, guest speaker footage, and more.

Below are five of the most popular videos of 2012, based on views. If you want to check out more or subscribe, head over to

Your Campus is Everywhere: Video Games. A promotional spot for the school’s Gaming programs.

How to Make Fake Blood. As part of our tutorial series, Makeup for Motion Pictures Lab Specialist Jared Williams shows viewers how to make a few different types of fake blood at home.

Full Sail University Campus Tour 2012. Our video team put together this virtual video tour of Full Sail’s campus.

How to Record Vocals: Basic Techniques. Another tutorial, this one on how to record vocals, led by Session Recording Course Director Darren Schneider and featuring artist Kaleigh Baker.

The Art of Full Sail Sharpie Project. This GoPro time lapse recaps the recent project where Full Sail Computer Animation and Game Art students created an “Art of Full Sail” banner using only Sharpies.