Year in Review 2015: Stephanie’s Three Favorite Stories

Our Year in Review series features the best of life at Full Sail in 2015, highlighting award-winning grads, popular student work, industry guests, and more.

As a writer, my affinity for December 31 has little to do with the countdown, or the clink of champagne glasses when the clock strikes midnight. Don’t get me wrong–in a few hours I plan to be dancing the night away in the company of my closest friends. But what really excites me about the last day of the year is how it sits right up against the first day of the year. New Year’s Eve is a crossroads, the moment the end intersects with the beginning. It’s a time for reflection underscored by the kinetic energy of potential.

In looking back over a year’s worth of blogs and videos, I can’t help but notice the recurring theme of creative innovation, a common thread that binds our community together. To all of the grads, faculty, and staff I’ve interviewed this year: thank you for allowing me to tell your story. To everyone else: I hope you were able to take away a bit of inspiration from these stories, and apply it to your own creative journey. This is the end. This is the beginning. I can’t wait to see what you guys do in 2016.

Here are a few of my favorite stories from the past year:

Just Launched: Azadeh Iranban [Video]
My job often puts me in contact with students who exhibit crazy talent and drive, and many who have had to overcome various obstacles on the road to success. One such story that has stuck with me is Azadeh Iranban. Expelled from art school in her native Iran, Azi moved to the US to escape political censorship. While in the Computer Animation program, she discovered a passion for modeling and rigging. Her hard work paid off, and she currently works for Scanline VFX in Toronto, Canada as a professional rigging artist.

Social Media Activism: Converting Online Engagement Into Real-World Change
I love this piece by Ali that tackles the difficult question of whether or not it’s possible to effect real change through social media. Full Sail grads and social media experts Anthony Brown, Jr. and Hillary Esquina provide solid and actionable strategies for those looking to make a difference both on- and offline.

Sit, Stay, Heal: One Student’s Journey to Overcoming PTSDrizzodaisy
Fun fact about me: if I see a dog out in public, I’m drawn to it with an almost magnetic force. This is how I came to meet current student Felipe Marin and his dog Daisy at a Veteran’s Day event on campus this past November. “If you want, she’ll let you hold her like a baby,” he said. While Daisy chilled my arms, Felipe told me the story of their first meeting, and how she’s been instrumental in helping him manage the effects of his combat-related PTSD.









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  1. Avatar Kasim Ton says:

    I like your stories . A lot of difficult things in our life need to face it. I think we need to keep going what we want to do. And you can across difficult thing. So, the new year is a new start. Just do it and enjoy it .

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