X Factor – the Female Campus Club – Discusses Women’s Roles in Media

On Thursday afternoon, female students at Full Sail from all degree programs were invited to FS3 to attend the X Factor’s monthly meeting to discuss the portrayal and professions of women in media.

The X factor is an on-campus club open exclusively to females and aims “to provide an arena for women at Full Sail University to address and discuss issues that affect them in a safe environment,” as declared its mission statement.

“This is a time to get together and network,” says Jenelle Bell, X Factor organizer and student advisor with Full Sail.

Jenelle invited guest speaker Laura Harless—the lead teaching assistant in the Psychology Department—to spearhead the conversation on a variety of topics, including stereotypes and comparing the past, present, future roles of females in games, movies, and television.

Laura then opened the floor for everyone to openly express their opinions, observations, professional experiences, and networking tips.