Writing Center Extends Appointment Hours & Introduces GPS Point Opportunities

Stop repeatedly poring over your research assignment or script on your own and take advantage of a free campus resource, the Full Sail Writing Center. From going over basic creative writing concepts to helping with issues like APA format, grammar, and short scripts (10 pages or less), the Writing Center‘s tutors meet one-on-one with students to offer advice on how to better improve your projects, no matter what degree program you’re enrolled in.

While the center has been around for a while now, it recently made a couple of big improvements: Instead of 30-minute sessions, appointment times have been extended to a full hour. Also, students who make an appointment and visit the Writing Center for the first time will now receive one GPS point.

The best part: Online students can take advantage of all of the same benefits through iChat appointments with tutors. (You can send them your material beforehand so they’ll have a chance to read it and prepare notes.)

“Whatever your career path may be, you will be asked to write and communicate effectively on the job,” says Nicole Chapman, a Lab Specialist in the English Department and one of the Writing Center’s tutors. “We’re here to help all students, both dedicated writers and those who want to start developing these important communication skills.”

The Writing Center is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. To make an appointment, reach out at least 24 hours in advance to 407.679. 0100, ext. 2340 or by sending an e-mail with your name, desired appointment time, and brief description of what you need help with to writingcenter@fullsail.com.