What’s New in the Library: ‘Reality is Broken,’ A New Take on Gaming

It sometimes seems like whenever video games get mentioned in the news media, the coverage is negative, focusing on a particular game’s level of violence or some bit of sexually suggestive material the designers included in an M-rated game.

Renowned game designer Jane McGonigal seeks to change all of that with her recently released book, Reality Is Broken. McGonigal proposes that video games are not the evil influences that they have been made out to be. In fact, she argues, they teach valuable problem-solving and social networking skills. These ideas are quite similar to some of the themes she expressed in her now-famous TED Talk:

In Reality is Broken, McGonigal discusses in particular games such as World Without Oil, designed to spur players to brainstorm solutions to an approaching oil shortage, and EVOKE, which challenges players to create solutions to social problems like economic disparity and climate change.

Reality is Broken – as well as many other gaming-related titles – can currently be checked out from the Full Sail University Library.




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