What’s New at the Full Sail Library: Graphic Novels

Check out what’s new at the Full Sail Library:

Graphic novels are an interesting medium. They combine the written word with the visual component of storytelling used heavily by television, movies, and video games. What better way to demonstrate the true power of the image than combining it with the written word to tell a complex and captivating tale? And what better audience than faculty and students at a school with such a strong focus on the arts?

The Full Sail University Library has been expanding our collection of graphic novels recently. We have added some classic titles as well as some of the newest releases from leading authors and illustrators. From Art Spiegelman’s timeless Maus (a holocaust survivor’s story told from the viewpoint of illustrated mice) to Frank Miller’s renown Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, our graphic novel section is slowly growing, both in volume and quality.

We have plans to continue the expansion, with foundational works by authors like Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, and Grant Morrison, but we also need the input of Full Sail students, faculty, and staff. What graphic novels do you want to see in your Library’s collection? Let us know in the comment section below.