Warped Tour 2013: Spotlight On Production Intern Dusty Feeney

Warped Tour 2013: Spotlight On Full Sail Intern Dusty Feeney

Every Friday, we’ll have blog, photo, and video updates from Maggie Ward, the Full Sail New Media Journalism Master’s grad who is interning on this summer’s Vans Warped Tour. This week, Maggie talks with fellow Full Sail graduate and the tour’s production intern, Dusty Feeney.

Full Sail Entertainment Business graduate Dusty Feeney is the Vans Warped Tour production intern and throughout the past week, I’ve had the opportunity to watch her work and talk to her about her experiences on Warped Tour. Dusty, who graduated in 2010, has been an enormous fan of Warped Tour for many years.

“I had been volunteering on the tour since I was 15 years old, working with non-profits, bands, and record labels. I feel like I’m finally at home doing something that I love to do, which is working with music,” says Dusty.

For Dusty, touring is a dream come true. “I keep learning more and more things that are essential to my career,” she says. “I get to work along side some of the greatest people in the music industry and get their advice to see what I can do better at the job I am given.”

Dusty is usually the first person to leave the bus in the morning, and the last to return after a long day’s work. I have yet to see her take a moment to relax. It is evident she is living a dream, and she will do whatever it takes to leave a lasting, positive impression on the Warped Tour staff.

“The average day at the production office for me has been waking up early, making copies, distributing water and beer, doing odds and ends stuff, and making everyone’s life easier,” says Dusty. “I love helping out and so I get a lot of odd jobs, but in the end it’s very rewarding and I feel really accomplished with what I have done for the day.”

The application process for the production job was very stressful for Dusty. More than 100 people applied for the internships, and Dusty was honored to have been hired. “I wanted the job so bad that I felt like I was going crazy waiting,” she says. “But once I found out I had gotten the job I started crying happily.”

“The best part of the Warped Tour is being around music all day long,” says Dusty. “I’ve discovered quite a few bands on the tour so far and it’s been really good getting to know everyone as well. It’s like a big traveling rock and roll family. We are here to make music happen!”