Two Web Development Grads Launch Zeunic

Full Sail students regularly collaborate with one another while on campus. Some even carry on with their joint effort after graduation. Web Development and Design graduates Stephen Rivas and Joe Lessard are set on doing just that with their web development company Zeunic, and a server-administration product they call Host Kit.

Stephen is a project manager at Zeunic, and Joe is lead developer. The two presented Host Kit at the 2012 Node Summit in San Francisco, an event devoted entirely to the business implications of the server-side JavaScript environment Node.js. In this year’s NodeJam competition, a proud Zeunic was presented with the Audience Choice Award.

“We had an amazing time and will likely have some great partnerships come out of this,” said Stephen of the duo’s experience at Node Summit.



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  1. Avatar Erick Castro says:

    Awesome Job! Congratulations!!

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