‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ Crashes Onto Screens with Alumni Help

This summer’s tent pole sequel Transformers: Age of Extinction lands in U.S. theaters today, marking the fourth entry in a film franchise that has already grossed over $700 million in ticket sales alone. Michael Bay once again returns as director for what is said to be the first in a new trilogy, and trailers reveal the kind of kinetic action sequences that have made the series a marvel of technical filmmaking and visual effects.

Exhilarating as a viewer, you can only imagine the amount of work it took to create that mass destruction on set, and Film graduate Wesley Alley was one of 11 Full Sail alumni who experienced it first hand as part of the Age of Extinction crew.

Wesley is a lighting technician with IATSE Local 728, and collaborated closely with director of photography Amir Mokri during its filming in Los Angeles, as well as on all the re-shoots and additional photography.

“Working with Michael Bay and Amir Mokri is hard – fast paced, long days, and lots of pressure, but an amazing experience,” he says. “Amir is also an amazing cinematographer, and this film looks beautiful. I grew up a huge Transformers fan – the biggest – so being involved in these movies is huge to me. I am super proud and cant wait for the next one.”

Other alumni worked on the project in roles like production assistant, compositor, ADR mixer, and the full list includes:

  • Wesley Alley (2010 Film/Entertainment Business graduate; lighting technician)
  • Elizabeth Kate Branem (2007 Film graduate; production assistant)
  • Judah Getz (2006 Recording Arts graduate; ADR mixer)
  • Thomas Haring (2006 Film graduate; payroll clerk)
  • Brandon Kovatch (2009 Film graduate; lighting technician)
  • Dan Machut (2008 Film graduate; production assistant)
  • Patrick Redmond (1997 Film graduate; edge head technician)
  • Eric Sibley (2009 Computer Animation graduate; compositor)
  • John C. Wise (2002 Film graduate; production assistant)



3 thoughts on “‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ Crashes Onto Screens with Alumni Help

  1. Avatar Michelle Dieber says:

    This is pretty cool, I’ve never posted about my day job before but I would just like to say that as an Admissions Control Rep for Full Sail University I have the pleasure of helping many students follow their dreams & pursue their passions every day & to think they can become part of something this big is really awesome. This is why I actually enjoy my job. I get to help people & point them in the right direction to follow their dreams. Anything is possible.

  2. Avatar Alftor23 says:

    This film is amazing because has a better technical filmmaking and visual effects, and this film has already grossed a lot of money in ticket sales, and it’s just the first in a new trilogy.
    It’s amazing, too because there were 11 Full Sail alumni graduates, and it’s a great news because we can see the prestige that the university goes taking.
    I’m proud about Wesley Alley’s work, and is amazing that Full Sail alumni graduates worked in this amazing movie, and maybe in the future I could to meet. Congratulations to Wesley Alley.

    1. Avatar Mino Rothe says:

      I think the work of the full sail graduates team was awesome, all the details the people do for this movie makes a great cinema production and in my opinion this was the best transformers movie.

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