Today: Game Project Final Presentations

Two student Game Development teams from Land Shark Studios will be showcasing the end result of months of designing, coding, and hard work during March’s Game Project Final Presentations, today from 1–3 p.m. in the Full Sail Live Venue.

Panic Button Games will present Dinocalypse (pictured above), a third-person shooter game where players use weapons – including plasma rifles and frost grenade launchers – to defend their tower from invading dinosaurs.

In the fantasy game Life from Cheap Date Games, players must return color to their world by killing enemies and and taking their color, all while traversing to an activation point before time runs out.

According to Game Project Department Chair Liam Hislop, a couple of gamers that were on campus for the recent Red Bull LAN event had the opportunity to check out the games and gave each of them high praise. Stop by the Full Sail Live Venue today to see them on the big screen or download both of them at the Game Project Web Portal.



2 thoughts on “Today: Game Project Final Presentations

  1. Is this going to be Broadcasted online at all? I would like to see this, but do not think I could make it to Fla in time for the event from Washington State.

    1. Amy Cassell Amy Cassell says:

      Hi Matthew,
      The final presentations aren’t broadcast online, but you can check out the games that were presented at Full Sail’s Game Project Web Portal –

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