Title Sequence Designer Kyle Cooper Speaks at Full Sail DLXS Lecture


Title sequences have come a long way since the early days of cinema. While their initial primary function was to give basic information to movie-goers about the film they were about to watch, today’s title sequences accomplish much more, showcasing contemporary design, illustration, and even playing a role in telling part of a film’s story.

And if audiences have enjoyed this evolution of the title sequence (particularly throughout the past 15 years), much of the credit must be given to Kyle Cooper, whose critically-acclaimed title sequence for David Fincher’s 1995 film Se7en made a remarkable impact on the industry and influenced the way that designers can shape the opening moments of a film.

Cooper recently came to Full Sail for the latest installment of the school’s Designer Lecture Xperience Series. Speaking before a full house in the Full Sail Live Venue, Cooper shared the insight that he’s collected through his years of experience in the industry and spoke about the films that inspired him to follow his career path.

Throughout his lecture, he showed examples of his reel – which has included films such as Spider-Man, Dawn of the Dead, The Incredible Hulk, Superman Returns, and Across the Universe, to name a few – and talked about his founding of creative agencies Imaginary Forces and Prologue (through which he has served as executive producer and/or creative director on projects like Iron Man, TRON: Legacy, and Fast & Furious). Following the main portion of his lecture, Cooper also took connected directly with students in the audience during an open Q&A session.

DLXS is a quarterly event that brings in an assortment of design and design related industry professionals to share their knowledge and creative work with the Full Sail student body. Previous guests have included Kenedik Design Studio founder Jeremy Kennedy, Bobby Jones (Founder/CEO of Purple, Rock, Scissors), and John Deeb (owner of production company DEEB Studios).