This Weekend: Red Bull BC One Orlando Cypher at Full Sail Live

This Weekend: Red Bull BC One Orlando Cypher at Full Sail Live

The Red Bull BC One qualifier returns to Orlando this year, where the best b-boys in the South will come together to fight for the top spot and the right to represent North America in France for the finals. On Saturday, June 7 at 4 p.m., Full Sail University will serve as host to an event filled with spins, flips, and dynamic dance.

NOTE: This event is free and open to all ages.

Last year marked the biggest year yet for Red Bull BC One, with its eight past champions competing against eight new challengers. Millions tuned in from around the globe to watch the battle go down in South Korea, where Seoul’s own Hong 10 took home his second World Champion belt.

Cypher season kicked off February 28 with the first event held in Cairo, Egypt and is now coming to the South for the Orlando Cypher on June 7. Throughout the year, the Red Bull BC One Cyphers are searching out the best b-Boys far and wide to earn a spot in the World Final. Sixteen B-Boys will go head to head in each country in knockout battles to represent their nation at one of six Finals, which will be held this year in the USA, Brazil, Algeria, Finland, Croatia, and Taiwan. The Finals champions will go on to compete on France’s stage in November. You can find the full Red Bull BC One Cypher schedule online at

Red Bull BC One was founded in 2004 in Biel, Switzerland. Over the years, the championship has moved from Germany to Brazil, South Africa, France, the USA, Japan, Russia, and South Korea. Today it remains a key event in hip hop culture, helping to push the art form forward while respecting the original format of one-on-one battles. represents the largest online network of b-boys and fans; and the event is home to the biggest Facebook community in the scene, with more than 1.2 million fans. The Finals and World Final will be live-streamed on the site.

Some of the 16 Red Bull BC One Orlando Cypher participants include:

Unnex – Arecibo, Puerto Rico
Hip-hop culture has been part of his life since 2008. Unnex started break dancing when he was 16 years old, but was first introduced to the dance form at the age of 12 by watching the movie Beat Street. He is confident, determined, intelligent, energetic, spontaneous, and charismatic. Unnex considers his style undefined, because he likes to battle and dance by free styling.

Zao –  Miami, FL
Zao’s (zay-oh) real name is Daniel Montenegro. He is 26 years old and was born and raised in Miami. Zao started break dancing at the age of 14, while in 9th grade. Zao was given his name by two childhood friends – because he would wear his favorite band T-shirt to practice every Friday. The lettering of the shirt reminded them of a b-boy style shirt with the name on the top back. Zao is currently dancing and training to inspire others around him to become involved in dance.

Sweet P – Houston, TX
Hailing from Haiti, Sweet P lived in Houston most of his life and began b-boying at the end of middle school. He learned the art of dance from four amazingly-talented performers, who taught him the foundations of a broad range of dance styles. Sweet P doesn’t really dance in a crew, but calls the people he dances with family. Groups that he has collaborated with include the Inertia Dance Co., History Dance Co. RAD Crew, Jungle Brothers Crew, The Dirty Nation, Thug Bunnies, Groovernadez, and the Beat Geeks.

Jose – Houston, TX
21-year-old Jose Cardenas has been dancing for more than six years. The Houston native is a crew-member of Hazardous Zombies. “I just hope people enjoy watching the way I dance,” says Cardenas.

Tung Fu – Orlando, FL
Tung Fu is no stranger to the b-boy scene. The 22 year-old started breaking in 2005 and has since dominated competitions in both the US and Europe. Tung Fu represents The MF Kidz crew from Orlando, FL.

Chrizo – Miami, FL
Charlie Chizo was born and raised in Miami, where he started dancing around 2003. Chizo’s crew affiliation is the Flip Side Kings.



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