This Week at Full Sail: The Beck ‘Song Reader’ Project

Winter Break is here, so we don’t have much to report on regarding on-campus or online happenings this week, but there is still one big event taking place: We’re taking over the Audio Temple to record every single song from Beck’s new Song Reader album. The GRAMMY-winning artist released the songs as sheet music, so the only way to hear them is to learn the song and record it for yourself. Fortunately, we’ve got 11 local bands (including two student bands) who will be recording their own interpretations of Beck’s new songs.

Session Recording Course Director Darren Schneider will be producing and engineering the bands, and instructors from the Film program will be recording each of the performances. Here’s the list of participating bands:

  • The Keith Hall Project (student band)
  • Theories of Everything (student band)
  • Franchise
  • The New Lows
  • beef wellington
  • Transmit Now
  • The Rules
  • Rubox Cube
  • F.C. Belt
  • The Mud Flappers
  • Andy Matchett & the Minks

We’ll be posting video footage of each performance here on every afternoon this week, starting tomorrow. Stay tuned for those videos and for more information on the project early next year.