Full Sail Gets into Gear at The Sound Summit

Earlier this month, Full Sail welcomed The Sound Summit for its Orlando debut. The event featured manufacturers DPA Microphones, Inc., K-Tek, Lectrosonics, Sound Devices, LLC and is the brainchild of Marketing Manager for DPA Microphones James Capparelle and Lectrosonics’ Vice President of Sales, Karl Winkler.

“The idea was to bring the local professional sound community all together in one room and talk about new products we have to offer,” said James, who is also a graduate of the Recording Arts Bachelor’s and Entertainment Business Master’s programs. “This event in particular is unlike anything else we participate in because it’s specific to these four vendors. It’s entirely our idea and under our control, and the fact that we have Full Sail’s support is huge. This is the largest turnout we’ve had; it’s unlike anywhere else we’ve done this event because we have the opportunity to get in front of students and industry professionals.”

The Sound Summit is essentially a mini trade show that travels to cities where the audio industry for film and television is most popular, and has visited Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, and New York already this year. Show Production Program Director Mark Johnson was instrumental in bringing the Summit to Full Sail’s campus. After seeing an ad for the event in a trade show publication, Mark reached out to Karl to discuss hosting the event here in Orlando.

“We try to do these types of events as often as we can,” said Mark. “Students get the opportunity to touch gear that we may or may not have, talk directly with the manufacturers and representatives and also interface with other industry professionals [who are attending the event]. It just helps give them a better idea of what to expect once they’ve graduated.

Mark also noted that events like this one are used to explore new technology that may be used in future classes. The event was hosted in Full Sail Live 1, and was set up to rotate between manufacturer presentations and one-on-one demonstrations, with plenty of time for networking as well.

Vice President of Sales and Marketing for DPA Microphones and Recording Arts grad Christopher Spahr also hopes that students will look beyond playing with and learning about all of the cool tech.

It’s invaluable for students to learn about the technology, but to also see that [trade show marketing] might be a job avenue for them. You still get to play with ‘toys’ that are fun, but don’t necessarily have to work 150 hours a week in a recording studio,” Christopher said. “There’s a whole big audio world out there and not a lot of audio people to effectively train, sell and troubleshoot the equipment. It’s a viable field where you can use all of the skills you learn here at Full Sail.

Looking toward the future, Mark is already in talks with the manufacturers to bring them back individually to provide more in-depth presentations for the students.