Students Showcase Films at GradFest

Come out to the Full Sail Live Venue today at 5 p.m. for this month’s GradFest, where students from the Full Sail Film degree program showcase their Final Projects on the big screen for family, friends, and faculty members.

This month’s GradFest features two projects: 16mm film Closer Than They Appear and 35mm film At Night.

In producing their Final Projects, students applied the knowledge that they gained throughout the Film Degree program every step of the way, from preproduction and casting to shooting, editing, and post-production. They’re not only a great way for students to really submerge themselves into the filmmaking process, but also work as great assets to their demo reels as they prepare to enter the industry after school.

See you at GradFest!



2 thoughts on “Students Showcase Films at GradFest

  1. Sean, is Full Sail encouraging Entertainment Business majors who are focused on film (like I was for my EBMS) to mix in with the filmmaker majors on campus to do producing roles? I was an online student at FS in 2009/2010 and made my focus on film. I ended up writing and producing a 30 minute short out of Detroit (One Last Call) that became part of my Capstone. Got points and awards for it too via the school (awesome!) And I did come to campus for the graduation walk – fell in LOVE with the FS backlot and film features available there. I think the programs should strongly integrat. More needs to be known about producing along with shooting and editing the film. I.e. – budget break downs and legal releases. Good stuff to know to take a filmmakers level of success a step higher in the real world. Love Full Sail! Full Sailer pride happening over here to this day! Cheers..

    1. Anonymous says:


      Great to hear about the success of your Capstone. A big part of the Full Sail campus experience is the collaborative opportunities for students from all of our degree programs. And while there’s nothing in the curriculum of the Entertainment Business degree programs that requires EB students to collaborate with Film students, it’s something that happens frequently. When a student wants to go above and beyond to work on projects outside of class, it’s definitely encouraged – and can produce some fantastic results!

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