Student’s Company Successfully Helps Market High School and Amateur Athletes

It’s 2011 in El Paso, Texas, and Selwyn Roberts‘s son, a talented high school football player, wants to keep playing football in college. But here’s the problem: El Paso is a recruiting dead zone, says Selwyn, and college recruiters barely make it to the southwestern Texas town to scout potential athletes. So in an attempt to get his son and other talented teammates more exposure, Selwyn founded iXhault (pronounced i-exhault), a recruiting platform and website where athletes can post their stats and game video to gain exposure and colleges can scout them remotely.

Since then, Selwyn’s athlete marketing company has collectively helped athletes earn more than $2.5 million in scholarships. iXhault has also grown to include a team of eight employees and four subcontractors, which Selwyn says has been especially helpful since the online Sports Marketing & Media student is on active military duty and is currently deployed overseas until June.

iXhault provides everything a high school, college, or amateur athlete needs to promote themselves: consulting services to make sure they are academically eligible to play in the NCAA, edited highlight reels of game footage, a customized website with video, photos, and statistics, and direct outreach to college coaches.

“We’ll send out the athlete’s website to every college coach in the nation, and also follow up with the top 30 schools the player is interested in,” says Selwyn. “We provide all of this to the coaches at no charge, and they love it.”

Selwyn, who is studying at Full Sail to get a more in-depth understanding of how the sports marketing industry works, hopes to further grow iXhault by hosting football scouting combines in local communities, expanding the company’s web and mobile presence, and inspiring and teaching young athletes about the recruiting process. One of iXhault’s long-term goals is to eventually become even more full-service and provide agent services for professional athletes as well.

“When I was young, [a service like iXhault] wasn’t available to me, and I missed the boat,” says Selwyn. “I didn’t understand how recruiting worked, and I didn’t understand how to position myself. So that’s the nucleus of my passion, to ensure other kids who are passionate about the NFL, the NBA, and even just college are equipped with the resources they need.”