Student Run Game Tournament Held on Campus

On January 21, students from different degree programs gathered in the Full Sail Media Center for the very first video game tournament run entirely by students. Alec Locca, current Game Design Master’s student, organized the event and helped run the show by signing people up, organizing brackets, and keeping everyone on schedule.

Alec, who is a member of the eSports League student organization, wanted to host the game tournament on campus after running monthly game tournaments online. Students were able to sign up and vote for which game they wanted to play on Connect.

Super Smash Bros was the game of choice, and Alec noted that Diddy Kong and Sheik were two of the most popular characters to play.

With the help of faculty and the Media Center, Alec was able to organize the event on campus. “I wanted this mainly to be for Full Sail students. I wanted something where the students could come in, get together as a community, play games together, and just hang out.”

Overall, Alec felt as though the tournament was a success and is looking forward to hosting them monthly in the Media Center.

For more information on these tournaments and eSports League, check them out on Connect.



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  1. Ob says:

    Looking so cool. I’m so happy that fullsail have event like this. I will invite my friends to go there to hang out. If we not have a lot stuff to do. We will be there.

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