Student Club Spotlight: Social Media Club

For Full Sail’s Social Media Club, the 55th Annual Grammy Awards was not only entertaining, but also instructional. That’s because the club held a tweetup during the televised event, in which participants carried on a conversation both in person and via Twitter. For the students in the club, the tweetup served as a social gathering, but also taught them how to better leverage Twitter for networking and promotion.

The Social Media Club, @FSSMClub, is a relatively new club, but one with big plans, says Internet Marketing Course Director Kenneth Cossin, the faculty advisor for the group. In addition to the Grammy tweetup, the club recently hosted a webinar with Mack Collier, a social media strategist and author of “Think Like A Rock Star.” The club will hold another tweetup during Oscar night, and Cossin is working on bringing in other social media gurus for webinars and events.

Learning to use social media effectively is important to people in the entertainment and media fields, and Cossin suggests all students can benefit from becoming active members of the club. It’s also a useful way to meet fellow students, he points out. “If part of being a student is growing your network, why not grow your social network at the same time?”

Want to know more? Check out the Social Media Club page on Connect.