Structure of Game Production Project Expo

Looking to play some student-made games and talk face-to-face with the developers? Stop by the Structure of Game Production Project Expo on Thursday, November 17 from 2 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. in FS3B 304. The Expo presentations are an open floor environment where guests can try out these new games and developers can share their insight (and war stories) with students who are earlier in the degree program.

Check out the four games that will be featured at this month’s event:

Invasion puts an interesting twist on the tried-and-true tower defense genre. Players spawn and upgrade units, choosing the safest (or most destructive) path to victory by destroying the enemy’s castle.

Sojourn is a game about exploration, collecting, and maintenance. Players gather items to sell, use, or place in their homes, and may visit their friends to share the experience.

Cyberscrape is a fast-paced shooting game that challenges players to enter the Machine world to kill the AI before it’s too late. Players must collect upgrades and buy more weapons to capture nodes and regain control of the space station.

Seven Samurai lets players fight off waves of bandits to protect the innocent villagers, and tactically maneuver seven samurai around an expansive and interactive set of battlefields.

See you at the Expo!