Spotted on Campus: Game Development ‘Team Gnome Toss’ Refines its Game in BlackMoor Studios

Game Development student Bob Pasekoff tests 'Critical Mass' in the BlackMoor Studios testing room.

We recently stopped by Full Sail’s BlackMoor Studios to see what some of the upperclass Game Development students were up to.

On Tuesday, Team Gnome Toss was working hard on their game Critical Mass, a twin-stick shooter, in which the player’s character traverses a globe eliminating robot enemies. The six-member team was working on a long list of fixes and tweaks to their game, as well as testing it for bugs in the testing room.


“They can come and test on our official test machines to make sure that what they’re doing is working and displaying properly, since the computer that they use is a totally different environment. It’s set up to be able catch a lot of the errors that a normal machine wouldn’t,” says Lab Specialist Donald Smith. “So we give them the opportunity to come here at all times and check out a blank machine to see what’s going on.”

Opened in 2010, BlackMoor Studios houses eight game studio offices, four game development studios, two asset development rooms, a research room, and a conference room. The studio space is for the exclusive use of Game Development students in the last five months of the program, during which time they work in teams to design a fully functioning game. BlackMoor Studios was named in honor of Dungeons & Dragons co-creator Dave Arneson, who taught within the Game Development program for nearly a decade.



2 thoughts on “Spotted on Campus: Game Development ‘Team Gnome Toss’ Refines its Game in BlackMoor Studios

  1. Evan Wright says:

    Thanks for the post, Christine!
    Those who are near Full Sail, come see our presentation on the 31st at Full Sail Live! I hope everyone who comes enjoys the game!

    1. CJanesko says:

      You’re welcome! It was interesting to see part of the process!

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