Software Development Firm ECS Visits Campus


While many people may think of video games and their virtual worlds as a way to escape reality and experience an encompassing form of entertainment, there are many offshoots of the gaming industry that aim for a completely different audience and purpose.

Software development firm Engineering & Computer Simulations (ECS) recently visited campus to talk to students about their company, show some of the work that they have produced, and offer insight about potential employment opportunities for students after graduation. Headquartered right here in Orlando, ECS is a team of engineers and artists who primarily create professional services and technology-based solutions to businesses and branches of the government, military, and more.

Guest speakers at the event included Senior Principal Investigator Mary Ann Pigora, Art Director Shane Taber, and Software Engineers John Whitsell and Matthew Baker. Throughout their presentation, the ECS team broke down the details of some of their projects (including airspace and airport simulation models, staff training software, virtual worlds, and mobile applications), and gave students information about what they look for when eyeing new hires (with 12 Full Sail graduates on staff, ECS is no stranger to the skills and assets that the school provides to its students).

Following the presentation, the team communicated with the audience during an open Q&A session and took resumes from students interested in career opportunities at the company.