Social Scene: How a LinkedIn Group Comes to Life

SocialScene: How a LinkedIn Group Comes to Life

For the past four years, Entertainment Business and Music Business faculty members have successfully brought their students together for regular networking events, and they’ve done it all through word of mouth and a single LinkedIn page. Social Scene is a quarterly event organized by faculty and held in various locations around campus. Events typically include live music, free food, and an environment conducive for students to get together and talk about their work. They were at it again last week, with a Social Scene event that drew more than 100 students out to the Patio behind Building 2.

“[Social Scene] was a collaboration between a bunch of people,” said Event Management Course Director Jamie Elasick, one of the event’s organizers. “We were trying to figure out ways to further engage Entertainment Business and Music Business students.”

Students find out about Social Scene events via announcements in their classes and on the group’s LinkedIn page. The LinkedIn page also serves as a forum for students and faculty to post job and internship opportunities and share ideas, so networking is always happening, even when students aren’t mingling at events.

“We chose LinkedIn because it is the number one social network for professionals, which allows students to share professional milestones, career information, and job opportunities with people they build life long professional relationships with while attending Full Sail,” said Heather Torres, the Entertainment Business Bachelor’s Department Chair.

Last week’s Social Scene event was the first time the two degree programs invited an outside program – Recording Arts – to attend. Jamie hopes in the future the events will be able to expand to even more degree programs. For more information on upcoming events, visit the Social Scene LinkedIn page.



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