Shyam Bandugula Brings New Opportunities to the Film Industry in India

Film Production MFA graduate Shyam Bandugula launched his bilingual company, Sravanthi Media House, located in Hyderabad, India just last year. What began as an interest in filmmaking has turned into a full-fledged production house; the company offers video production, advertisement solutions, and media and web distribution.

After graduating from Full Sail in 2014, Shyam returned to India and started his own company in order to provide opportunities for new filmmakers that might not get the chance otherwise. The obstacles these artists face can be economical, political, or even just a lack of family history in the film industry.

“I noticed the struggles of these people and wanted to create a new platform that could help talented filmmakers start their careers and entertain the world,” says Shyam.

Sravanthi Media House also produces and distributes film content that’s available exclusively online, making this company the first of its kind in India to do so. They are currently working with four national and international brands to create a web series that will be available through their website in December 2016.

“We support our clients during production and post-production to make their vision come to life on the big screen, and we are also developing a promising distribution website which would be an alternative to movie theaters and television distribution,” says Shyam.