Recap: Full Sail’s Second Annual 3D Blitz

A still from Computer Animation Alumni Vanessa Johnson’s contribution to the 3D Blitz.

The second annual 3D Blitz happened last weekend, and the results are seriously impressive. During the Blitz, Computer Animation and Game Development students had 24 hours create a digital clip from scratch. The caveat? They’re cramming a whole course of work—usually completed over four weeks as part of the 3D Foundations class—into a single day.

The overall theme of this year’s Blitz was futuristic science fiction. Each student was presented with a different subgenre such as mystery or fantasy in addition to the overall theme. Since they weren’t privy to either the theme or subgenres prior to the event, students couldn’t plan ahead.

“This may seem extremely daunting,” says Jennifer Conley, Rigging Basics Lab Specialist and the event’s organizer. “But the goal is to prove to students that they are improving as CG artists. They are taking more advanced classes, building their own workflows, learning tips, tricks, and shortcuts, so what used to take them such a long time could, in all honesty, take less than 24 hours to complete.”

Besides providing students with the comprehensive challenge of utilizing all the skills they’ve acquired during their time in 3d Foundations, the Blitz was also a fun way for Computer Animation and Game Animation students to meet and support each other. The organizers provided a great selection of food and drink to keep the participants fueled, and several instructors were on hand to troubleshoot obstacles.

One student, Michael Griffis, described the event as “the 3D Foundations class on steroids.”

“It was not a competition against other students,” he said, “but one against your previous self. I loved the push, the deadlines, the pressure. I believe that is what brings out the best in people, creatively speaking.”

Check out some more futuristic characters below.


Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 1.37.37 PM

Zachary Gillespie, Computer Animation

“I was given the plot of miraculous/ miracle.  I ended up creating two robots that seem to have some sort of bitterness towards one another, when suddenly the boy robot falls over and appears to have died (or in a lighter tone his batteries ran out! :D). In reaction to this the girl robot rolls over to the boy and begins poking him in the face. When he doesn’t respond she shocks him with electricity and he springs back to life. Both are so startled by the shock that they look at one another and then hug, elated that the boy has been brought back to life!”


Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 1.36.56 PM

Spencer Fitch, Computer Animation

“My animation was based on mystery in the futuristic Sci-Fi genre. I decided to create an alien, a UFO and a robot Cop. The Alien is walking between two buildings before he is confronted by the robocop. The UFO then swoops in to rescue the Alien.”


Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 1.41.06 PM

Albert Vital, Computer Animation

“My animation follows a delivery bot who is dropping off a package to an office. When we enters the lobby, he notices it is empty. He makes his way over to the desk where the camera reveals a dead robot with his battery removed from his chest.  After the dead robot is seen, a third character appears behind the delivery bot and attacks him. The animation ends suggesting the death of the delivery bot.”



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      Me to, I think so is amazing, I like 3D art.

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    I have received mail from full sail and I am very impressed with the gaming equipment and studios I have seen. if there are actually videos on here I could see of the game programming process I would be even more happy 😀

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