Pure Motivation Volunteers with Critical Mass in Support of PULSE Victims

The Pure Motivation student group pitched in on July 16 to assist with a bike race hosted by Critical Mass in the downtown Orlando area. This was the second race that would be passing by PULSE nightclub since the shooting on June 12, and all proceeds were donated to Equality Florida’s Pulse Victims’ Fund.

Director of Professional Development Stacy O’Mara said it made sense to have Pure Motivation get involved because there were many students and staff who were interested in helping out after the tragic events that happened at PULSE.

The event was in an “alley cat racing” format, which is an informal style of bicycle race where participants aren’t aware of the length of their ride until they show up This race was 30 miles, but events can range anywhere from 20 to 50 miles.

Critical Mass provided a list of pit stops along the way, and volunteers chose which location they would be tending to just 10 minutes prior to the start of the race. There were around 16 students who showed up to volunteer and only eight needed, as their job was to check off racers’ manifests at each checkpoint. Since the work was more than accounted for, Stacy decided to participate in another way.

“Since our volunteers were so scattered, I just went ahead and did the race myself. That was fun, and it was nice to be able to see all of them,” she said.

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