Pure Motivation Cleans Up Lake Fran

This piece was written by Creative Writing for Entertainment BFA grad and Professional Development intern Cesirys Espaillat. The article was originally featured on our student community site, Connect. 

On Saturday, March 19, Pure Motivation volunteered with Keep Orlando Beautiful for the Waterway Cleanup.

Waterway Cleanup is part of Keep Orlando Beautiful’s initiative to prevent litter from entering our oceans. Full Sail’s Pure Motivation volunteers were ready for the mess at 8:00 a.m. Our students and staff car-pooled to Lake Fran where they received instructions and met other volunteers from the Orlando area.

The incredible volunteers geared up with gloves, nets, trash grabbers, and their positive attitudes on the shoreline of Lake Fran and got to work. Students picked up forgotten plastic bottles, candy wrappers, and even destroyed street signs that otherwise would have ended up on the Florida Coast and oceans.

The heat didn’t seem to slow down the awesome volunteers who maintained a great attitude and smiled while working together to remove any potentially harmful trash from the lake. After a few hours, the Full Sail volunteers gathered their sizable bags and celebrated their efforts alongside the other volunteers.

This event provided the students with the opportunity to make an impact in their community and become aware of the power they have in the preservation of our environment.

We want to thank all of those who participated; we simply cannot do it without YOU! Can’t wait to see you during our next Pure Motivation event.

– Cesirys Espaillat, Professional Development Intern