Play Two New Student Games From July’s Game Project Final Presentations

Play Two New Student Games From July's Game Project Final Presentations

At last week’s Game Project Final Presentations in Full Sail Live, two teams made up of students graduating in July showed off demos of the game projects they’ve been working on for the past five months.

Players in Itsy Bitsy (pictured above) play the 2.5d vertical scrolling platformer game as Itsy the spider. They must traverse the backyard and make it to the top of the waterspout while avoiding dangerous obstacles standing in their way.








The Pitt is a fast-paced, third person hack-n-slash set in a post-apocalyptic arena. The player has a makeshift sword and shield and must fight off waves of mutants and defeat the Bandit King Sad Larry to gain freedom.

Both of the games were created by Game Art, Game Development, and Game Design Master’s students from July’s graduating class. To see more screenshots, watch demos, or download the games, go to the Game Project Web Portal.