Play Three New Games from May’s Final Presentations

Play Three New Games from May's Final Presentations

Last week’s Game Project Final Presentations featured three student games with three very different premises. There’s one that takes place in the future, one where you play as a forest animal, and one where you’re a robot fighting robots. Whichever you prefer, check out details on each of them below along with a link to download and play them.

game project-eris

In the first-person shooter game Eris (created by Team Avalanche), players must protect their futuristic station against an army of alien insectoids. The player, decked out in a space suit, has a Blaster rifle and can also use the surrounding environment to shoot at switches and other objects to slow or destroy enemies.

game project-unnatural selection

UnNatural Selection (created by Team Mustachios) is a colorful third-person hack and slash game where your character is a forest animal with an axe. You must kill all of the other forest animals so you can get to the top of the food chain.

game project-error

ERROR (created by Team Lounge Tigers) is a fast-paced arcade shooter game where up to four players assume the role of robots and have to fight off hordes of enemy robots. There are three levels of enemy and environmental opposition, each one of them ending with a battle against a robot boss.

These games were created by Game Art, Game Development, and Game Design Master’s students from May’s graduating class. As part of their final game project, they had to present a demonstration of the game in the Full Sail Live Venue last week. To see more screenshots, watch those demos, or download and play each of the games, head to Full Sail University’s Game Project Web Portal.