Photoshop for Beginners Workshop

A Photoshop image speaks a thousand words and functions. With countless editing tools and capabilities, it can be overwhelming to know where to start with the Adobe software.

For students and staff interested in learning the basics, Full Sail is offering a “Photoshop for Beginners” class on campus. The first class was held March 18, and is expected to take place once a month in FS Building 4.

“The great thing about Photoshop is that it gives you more control over what you’re doing,” says the class’s instructor Mike Marras. “It was originally for photo manipulations, but it has now taken on other uses.”

Class topics included opening different files, canvas manipulations, layers to history, and an overview of the basic tools and their functions. Mike points out that Photoshop is useful everyone in any career – from the “traditional” paint-and-canvas artists, to computer animators, graphic designers, and Internet marketers.

“The artist is the one making good work. There’s really no difference between traditional and digital art anymore. It’s just what the artist does with the tools. Either way, the artist is the one making it happen,” says Mike. “In this class, you’ll find your own workflow and see how [Photoshop] is going to work for you.”