Over 30 Grads Credited on ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’

If only history class was as much fun as today’s new release, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. The film is based on the 2010 novel by Seth Grahame-Smith, and re-imagines the early life of our 16th President as a he battles the savage undead in the 1800s.

This original concept is ripe with vivid imagery and history from the era, and we were excited to see that 31 Full Sail graduates helped bring it to theaters this summer.

Nearly half of these alumni contributed to the film’s intense visual effects, and to learn more about the production we spoke with Computer Animation graduate Katherine Rodstbrooks. Katherine worked as lead stereoscopic compositor at Stereo D, where she assisted with Abraham Lincoln‘s 2D to 3D conversion.

Full Sail: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter has such a unique concept, how much fun was it to work on?

Katherine Rodstbrooks: Abe Lincoln was an exciting film because the director Timur Bekmambetov was really creative. I have been lucky enough to meet with him and discuss some ideas about the 3D of his film, and that creativity was very inspiring.

FS: What was the most memorable part of the production for you?

KR: As you can see from the previews there are many vampire shots. I was lucky to have some creative control on how those vampires looked in 3D – adding 2D effects and leading a small team to shape them to the director’s vision.

FS: Do you think fans of the novel will be happy with the results?

KR: I am extremely curious as to how this film will be received. This is very unique and I think people who want to have a fun summer experience will love it. The title speaks for itself, and I am excited to find out what people think, especially those who have read the book.

The 31 graduates who worked on the film are:

  • Jason Augustin (Film; electrician)
  • Joe Badiali (Film; special makeup effects technician)
  • Maxime Besner (Computer Animation; stereoscopic artist)
  • Justin Coulter (Film; set production assistant: second unit)
  • Emily Francione (Computer Animation; stereoscopic roto lead)
  • Benj Gibicsar (Film; costume production assistant)
  • Matthew E. Gill (Computer Animation; roto artist)
  • Clarke Godwin (Computer Animation; stereoscopic lead)
  • Cody Graham (Computer Animation; stereoscopic artist)
  • Tony Hart (Film; assistant camera)
  • John C. Hoffler Jr. (Film; film loader)
  • Kolby Kember (Computer Animation; depth artist)
  • Andy Luce (Film; production assistant)
  • Roy Vincent Mann (Computer Animation; lead stereoscopic compositor)
  • Darren Manzari (Film; production assistant)
  • Raymond Martinez III (Computer Animation; rotoscope artist)
  • Michael Pawlicki (Film; wardrobe assistant)
  • Lyndsey Pendley (Computer Animation; stereoscopic rotoscope artist)
  • Patrick Redmond (Film; libra head operator)
  • Katherine Rodtsbrooks (Computer Animation; lead stereoscopic compositor)
  • Brian Roedel (Film; set production assistant: second unit)
  • Ashley Renee Saunders (Film; travel coordinator)
  • Eric Sibley (Computer Animation; visual effects artist)
  • Joshua Stirling (Computer Animation; roto artist)
  • Jonathan Stoll (Film; grip)
  • Frederick George Stuhrberg (Digital Media; 3D scanning)
  • Robert Tobin (Digital Media; senior stereoscopic artist)
  • John Trotter (Computer Animation; stereoscopic compositor)
  • Stephen Daniel Wayne (Film; wardrobe production assistant)
  • Jay Wilson (Computer Animation; stereoscopic compositor)
  • Marvin Yanez (Computer Animation; stereoscopic roto lead)