New Student Production Office Provides Resource for Filmmakers

Students regularly work on their own film projects outside of class, and the new Student Production Office is encouraging their efforts with a dedicated place for filmmakers, writers, visual effects artists, musicians, and more to network and collaborate.

The facility opened this July in Building 3F, Room 134, and was designed by the Film program’s art department, with students and staff helping construct the space over six weeks. Run by work study students currently in the degree, it provides a central resource for filming on campus, dropping off and reviewing actor head shots and demo reels, holding production meetings, and screening projects.

Anne Russell, program director for Film, spearheaded the idea and hopes it will bring together talent that may have not crossed paths otherwise.

“The Student Production Office is a way for people on campus to connect with each other, and I want students to feel like they always have a home to drop by whenever they need it,” she says. “It’s a resource for the entire school, and we’re also trying to branch out to online students too so they can make connections in their own cities. If you want to work with other students and get involved with their projects, or want to get a student crew together for your own film – there’s so much potential.”


The space will also help streamline logistical issues that come with these productions, with staff being able to answer questions about shooting in the area, as well as making sure crews are armed with the right paperwork. You can get location information and permits, as well as use workstations loaded with programs like Final Draft, Movie Magic Budget, and Movie Magic Scheduling.

“It’s great because we can really help with any film-related issues you have,” Anne says. “How do I use the backlot? Where do you go to find these forms or hold a meeting? Can I find someone who wants to do some computer animation work for my film? Those kinds of things. It’s the kind of place where the more people use it the more resources it will offer, and I’m excited to see students make the most of it.

The Student Production Center is open to students, alumni, and staff Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.



2 thoughts on “New Student Production Office Provides Resource for Filmmakers

  1. Avatar Matteo climastone says:

    It’s a good news for the film students. Now work in a film project I think is more interesting and professional. It’s more easy now meet and interactive with the other students if you want make a film project.

  2. Avatar Aline Miranda says:

    Matteo, I agree with you the new Student Production Office is a good news for the film students. I’m very happy with this.

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