New Panel Series Teams Up with Treehouse Roots to Feature the Beatles

The Beatles 1966: Golden Anniversary panel was the second installment of the newly launched ICONS series, which examines an iconic event or part of entertainment history.

Faculty Development Trainer Mike Conner created the series earlier this year and wanted to do something special to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this pivotal year in the Beatles’ career. The panel was held in the Treehouse, and was immediately followed by a Treehouse Roots concert featuring music from the band.

“The panel was something that I felt would be a great educational opportunity for staff and students,” said Mike. “The Beatles are not only relevant musically, but there are decisions that they made which set a precedent in the industry.”

The panel was primarily set up as a Continuing Education opportunity for faculty and staff, but was open to students as well. The panelists – including Mike, Director of Academic Advising Tim Gregory, Department Chair for Film Dave Meyers, Course Director for Social Science Ben Urish, and Course Director for Music Business Alex Knight – specifically focused on changes the group made to their career during 1966.

The Beatles’ experimentation in the recording studio was one of the most notable changes, as they went from a touring live band to a studio band. They progressed from “cookie-cutter” musicians in matching suits to growing as individual artists. Mike explained the ways they changed the way musicians record an album; from taking a longer time to record in order to experiment with different sounds in the studio to having input on album cover artwork.

If you weren’t able to attend the panel in person, you can watch the recording here on YouTube, and be sure to check out our gallery from the Treehouse Roots concert below as well.