New Horror Video Games, Super Bowl Ads, and More [Weekend Reading List]

The Viral Success of The Beatles, The Color Project, and More [Weekend Reading List]

We take the weekends off from posting to, so in our absence, we’re leaving you with a few other great reads to check out on Saturday and Sunday. If you’ve got your own favorite story, share it in the comments below.

With Previews, Super Bowl Advertisers Borrow From Hollywood
Remember when you had no idea what a brand’s Super Bowl commercial was going to be until it actually aired during the game? These days, advertisers are releasing previews of their commercials. Yes, an entire preview for a single 30-second commercial. This New York Times article discusses why Super Bowl commercials are becoming more and more like miniature films. –Amy

13 Horror Games Not To Turn Your Back On In 2014
It’s been a little while since we had some decent horror video games to choose from, but this look at 2014’s upcoming slate of genre titles shows promise. I’m especially excited about Alien: Isolation, as well as new intellectual properties like The Forest and The Evil Within – the latter coming from Shinji Mikami, one of the visionaries behind the Resident Evil series. –James

Austin Anijam 2014 – The Octopus Project
This three-minute video was created as part of a 48-hour animation challenge in Austin, by some of that city’s best motion graphics artists in conjunction with Moontower VFX and Houndstooth Studio. Every team got 11 seconds of music (by the always-wonderful Octopus Project), a start keyframe, and an end keyframe (for consistency/flow), and was able to color in the lines as they pleased. The result is just incredible. –Jason

How to Explain Complex Ideas (Like Tech) to Those Who Don’t Understand
Many people in tech fields have trouble explaining what they do to non-tech people. Here are some practical suggestions for explaining (or simplifying) alien concepts to people who have no idea what you do, in ways that won’t make them glaze over. –Christine

61 Adorable Behind the Scenes Moments at Puppy Bowl X
I am excited for the big game this weekend, and by big game I mean Puppy Bowl X. Check out these adorable photos! –Liz



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