New ‘Fluid’ Friday Design Workshops Are Open to All Students

Digital Arts & Design faculty members are spreading their wealth of knowledge to the entire school with the launch of Fluid, a series of Friday afternoon and evening GPS Workshops that are open to students across all degree programs (and are live-streamed via GoTo Training for online students.) The design-inspired lectures cover everything from freelancing to flash animation, and during Fluid’s first month in May, dozens of campus and online students took advantage of the sessions.

“While working on the curriculum for the portfolio block [of courses] in Digital Arts & Design we were finding that there was not a cookie-cutter student,” says Digital Publishing Department Chair Triesta Hall. “Each student has different needs and interests and we want to be able to address them all. This gave birth to the workshops, so students can learn more about the subjects they’re passionate about and be exposed to trends that are coming around the corner.”

According to Triesta, about one-third to one-half of the students who attended May’s workshops were from other degree programs, including Sports Marketing & Media, Film, Computer Animation, and more. Workshops like last month’s “Building a Demo Reel,” led by Portfolio Creation Course Director Daniel Moye, set out to prove that designers aren’t the only professionals who need a reel.

The workshops – which usually start between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. – have been created based on Course Directors’ passions and topics the faculty felt students need to know. A new schedule of workshops will be released at the end of every month for the following month. Highlights for June include “History of Skateboard Graphics,” “Presenting Your Portfolio,” and “How to Screen Print at Home.”

Students can check out the full workshop schedule for June over on Connect.