Music Business Veteran Colin Richardson Visits Full Sail

A small group of Music Business faculty members and students attended a luncheon yesterday with special guest Colin Richardson, a notable British music industry veteran who worked in London in the 60s and 70s. Colin was a jazz club manager, promoter, and booking agent before becoming the international manager for London’s Charisma Records, a label home to acts like Lindisfarne, Peter Hammill, Colosseum, and most notably, Genesis.

Colin shared stories with the group about his experiences as a manager, including the highs and lows of touring, booking shows (his proudest being Monty Python’s first ever live stage show), and dealing with artists. After Charisma, he worked for a couple of other labels before becoming a journalist, which gave him the opportunity to interview big-name musicians like Eric Clapton and Paul McCartney.

While faculty members passed around a photo album full of Colin’s personal memorabilia (which included a handwritten birthday note from Phil Collins), Colin continued to answer questions, share anecdotes from his career, and offer his insight on the state of the music business today.

“Colin is like a living encyclopedia of knowledge of the British music scene of the 60s and 70s,” said Music Business Department Chair Jackie Otero. “His candid stories of working alongside artists like Fleetwood Mac gave the students a firsthand glimpse into a piece of music history, which no doubt gives them inspiration as they begin their own careers.”

The closed luncheon was for select music business faculty members and students who were invited because of their GPS standings. if you want to read some of Colin’s stories, check out his blog at