Mikiel Houser’s LA Music Blog Nominated for 2012 Weblog Awards

Blogs have become an influential part of the way we get our news and entertainment, and the content creators behind these sites are recognized each year at the Weblog Awards. Also know as the Bloggies, the annual event was launched in 2000 and has continually sought to honor the best online coverage in a variety of fields, including sports, fashion, food, and politics.

Looking at the nominations for the 2012 Bloggies, we’re excited to see Mikiel Houser’s LA Music Blog as one of five sites chosen in the category of Best Weblog About Music. Mikiel is a graduate of both our Recording Arts and Music Business programs, and launched the LA Music Blog in 2009 with his wife Kristin.

“There’s a ton of music bloggers, especially out here in LA, so it’s awesome to be nominated,” Mikiel says. “We’ve worked on this site for awhile and it’s all been kind of a grassroots things. We haven’t really spent any money on marketing, it’s just networking and getting the name out there.”

Kristin is the site’s lead writer and editor, while Mikiel handles more of the business end – making contacts at music labels and meeting with artists and industry professionals. They also have a group of eight freelance writers who help produce the site’s news content, album reviews, and live concert coverage.

“I think what works for us is that we try to not stick to one specific genre,” he says. “These days if you grab someone’s iPod it’s not just going to have one style of music on it, it’s going to be anything from electronica to country. So that’s our mindset, and our writers are all people who have their own styles and passion for music.”

The 2012 Weblog Awards will be held on Sunday, February 26, with the winners announced on their Twitter feed and Facebook page. For Mikiel and his wife the nomination has been a validation of the hard work and late nights they’re put into developing their own unique presence in an industry they love.

“One of the reasons we got together was because of music, and I’m really proud of what we’ve done,” he says. “If you’re passionate about something you really have to be willing to put the time into it, and I think that Full Sail was actually a big catalyst for this. It helped me to focus what I wanted to do in life and go for it.”



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