Members of ‘The Crew’ Come Together to Make Short Films

During her second month at Full Sail, Film student Amanda Bovea teamed up with Course Director Nikki Willson to start The Crew, a club that they both hoped would give students from all degree programs more opportunities to work together on short film projects. Nearly a year later, The Crew has grown to include almost 500 members – a mix of filmmakers, writers, and business students who all have a passion for meeting new people and creating visual work.

“We formed to give students the ability to work on short films outside of the normal Full Sail curriculum,” says Amanda. “It gives students in different degree programs and months the chance to work together to accomplish one goal … to create.”

Club members meet in person every month or so and communicate more frequently through their Facebook page, where students often share their work so others can provide constructive feedback. One of the club’s coolest events was last fall’s mini film challenge. Students who haven’t worked together in the past had to form teams and make a short in under 24 hours, using a banana as a prop and incorporating the line, “I’m not weird, I’m unique.”

“The Crew is a safe learning environment for working on projects you want and building friendships and professional relationships with those who will be alongside you in your field,” says Amanda. “Come build a new network with us!”

Students interested in joining The Crew can sign up via Facebook.



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    The Film Scene is an online club associated with Full Sail, however, we are scattered way beyond Florida. We are connected through the net. Why don’t you contact us and let’s see what we can do to help each other acquire our goals, and boost the morale of our teams at the same time?

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