May Web Design & Development Final Presentations

Six students from this month’s Web Deign & Development program’s graduating class showcased the end result of months of coding, designing, and site implementation at the Final Project presentations.

Zachary Nicoll and Olivier Lacan created a web application called Roomies, which helps roommates live together by simplifying the organization of common tasks and expenses. As any college student will tell you, any tool that can help settle the dispute of whose turn it is to wash the dishes in the kitchen is a definitely an essential asset.

SupportMyMission is a donation and organization platform developed by Alicia Brooks. Users can raise funds for mission trips, share updates throughout the fundraising process, and keep track of the donations they receive.

Kent Lassen presented Lightning Owl, an easy-to-use not taking application for blog writers who want to publish to different platforms.

Finally, Tyler Matthews and Anthony Colangelo created a project called WDD Social. The industry-related social platform allows web design and development students to share industry news and articles, contribute their own school projects which can be shared and archived, and develop user profiles that detail their specific skills and specialties. Best of all, WDD Social sports a job platform that allows industry professionals to browse limited sections of the site and submit job postings that are catered to the degree itself.

Each month, the Web Design & Development Final Project requires students to produce content that shows they’ve developed efficiency in the areas covered throughout the program, including designing creative visuals, developing coding, testing, and implementation of websites, and integrating flash and web standards.