Master’s Students Organize Monthly Game Expo

Every month, local establishment Campus Cards & Games works with Full Sail students to host a game expo enabling developers to gain valuable usability feedback on their games.

October’s expo featured four presenting teams; each of which were comprised of Game Development bachelor’s students who are within the final five months of their program. Although the location was off campus, the expo still managed to have a sizable turnout of around 30 people.

Entertainment Business master’s student Stephanie Shivak was on the management team for last month’s expo, and explained how the event is organized and executed by Entertainment Business and Game Design master’s students each month. The two degrees share a class in their third month – Project and Team Management – and organizing this expo is an assignment for that class.

Stephanie explained that each management team analyzes the event and tries to figure out how they can improve it, and for this expo she and her teammates decided to set up a Twitter account, which they will pass on to next month’s group.