Mashable Journalist Jolie O’Dell Co-Hosts a Special Webcast for Full Sail

Jolie O’Dell was “officially excited” to be the recent subject of an exclusive online Wimba session and Q&A, courtesy of Full Sail’s Internet Marketing Master’s Program.

The San Francisco, California resident is now the Social Media and Technology writer for the popular news site Launched in 2005, Mashable reports on the latest developments in Web news, provides analysis of trends, reviews new Websites and services, and offers social media resources and guides.

With so much changing on the Internet, Mashable is always on the cutting edge of being the leading reporter on what’s around corner.

Throughout the hour-long session, Jolie spoke on the various topics and trends that are currently unfolding within social networks and also fielded questions from Full Sail students, faculty, and staff. Those in attendance were able to ask their questions and follow the chat on Twitter.

“You really do have to be nimble when you’re working within technology,” Jolie says. “That’s how I started doing podcasting and SEO.”

Jolie’s other professional experiences included being a journalist with the Web Technology blog ReadWriteWeb, freelance writing for technology magazines, managing Public Relations and Marketing campaigns, graphic design, and maintaining Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings.

“If there’s a need within an organization…then you really have to educate yourself, be willing to be on the cutting edge of technology, and understand how it works,” she says.

With more than 10 years of experience in editing and writing the news, her advice rang true for those already navigating through the online and technology landscapes and for the impending graduates looking for words of wisdom before venturing into the workforce. She also had advice for her fellow Internet Marketing writers.

“It’s better to write something well than write something first,” Jolie says. “But the benefit of being ‘first’ is that element of social sharing. You get that wave of excitement…and future stories link back to yours…It’s not an ego thing; it’s a business thing.”

For individuals looking to get traction in any capacity, Jolie stresses that “you’re entering into a really crowded market … but there are enough interested clients and trends to go around to support this ecosystem. Be more knowledgeable and deliver the results. Find a real problem that real people have, and solve that with technology.”

The webcast also addressed one of her recent articles on Mashable, which was on the heels of Facebook’s announcement that it will offer location-based services, as an answer to the increasingly popular Foursquare.

“Mobile is becoming the new place where people are getting their information and communicating,” Jolie says. “Mobile is coming closer to solving human problems than the desktop could [and] is going to be a heavy part of internet marketing strategy in the near future.”

While the 24-hour news cycle environment of online writing and technology can be daunting, Jolie is able to maintain a positive outlook and advises others not to feel overwhelmed.

“Just stay true to yourself,” Jolie says. “At the end of the day, technology is an industry just like any other.”