March Game Presentations Offer Something For Everyone

It would be hard to pick a group of games more different than the three showcased at the March Game Project Final Presentations – but then our gaming students always manage to surprise us.

First up was Rush Week, a real time strategy game where players control an army of jocks, geeks, or goths, and battle against the other groups in an attempt to take over a college campus. The game got a big laugh from the crowd, with its over-the-top character animations and dialog.

Next was Optical Practical Simulation, a first person puzzle game where  you traverse a 3D maze full of obstacles, tramps, and massive jumps. In addition to the inventive level design, the team also implemented 3D sound, which changed the dynamics of the audio depending on your position within a level.

Finally there was Fixin’ To Fight, which brought the presentations to a close with some intense third person action. The game is turret defense/shooter hybrid, where players have to defend their base from wave after wave of giant bugs. The unique leveling mechanic also provided an interesting twist to the action/strategy genre.

The three groups wrapped up the event by fielding questions about obstacles they overcame during development, as well as their art style and technology.