Makeup Unmasked Seminar Held On Campus

On October 28, Full Sail University hosted a seminar called “Makeup Unmasked” on campus in the Entertainment Business auditorium. The event was also live streamed for online students to view and participate through chat.

Dave Franko, the Vice President of Academic Affairs, along with the Full Sail Makeup department came together for this event, which provided a live Halloween-themed demonstration of professional makeup techniques used by makeup artists. These techniques included how to best use paint, airbrush, and wigs to create exotic and scary Halloween faces. The artists also discussed where to find and purchase the products they used.

Three models participated as the artists applied prosthetics, layers of makeup, fake blood, and more. In the end, the models were transformed into a “Chelsea Grin” victim, a zombie with rotting flesh, and a spooky witch with blacked out eyes.

Throughout the demonstration, attending students and online viewers were encouraged to ask questions and get tips about makeup for their upcoming Halloween costumes.

This is the fifth time this event has been hosted on campus, and is something for makeup enthusiastic students to look forward to every Halloween season.