Living Colour Bassist Doug Wimbish Performs for Students on Campus

Last week we welcomed to campus Doug Wimbish, the renowned bassist best known for his work with Sugarhill Records and the Grammy Award winning rock band Living Colour.

On Thursday, students crowded into the Treehouse, Full Sail’s intimate, on-site venue, to hear Doug speak about his passion for music and his decades-long adventures in the entertainment industry.

“I grew up listening to local AM radio stations,” said Doug. “FM was a luxury. My first memories were in the early 60s, listening to old blues and Chuck Berry. Then Motown kicked in. Then I heard the Rolling Stones play ‘Satisfaction’ on the radio – with fuzz! I thought that was cool, and started playing air guitar and trying to make drum beats with boxes.” Doug described his first gig, his first trip to Broadway in New York, what it was like to cut his first demo, and how those experiences shaped both his art and professionalism.

At the end of the discussion, Doug gave a brief solo performance before asking others to accompany him. MC Swamburger and Producer DiViNCi, both of Orlando-based hip hop quartet Solillaquists of Sound, were present and joined Doug onstage for a couple of songs. Lastly, Doug invited a current Recording Arts student and freestyle rapper known as “Genesis” to take his turn on the mic.

After the session, we caught up with Genesis and asked him about his experience. “It’s hard to put into words,” he said. “I just started Full Sail a couple of weeks ago, and I didn’t even know if I was going to come here today. But to be brought up on stage with a legendary guitarist like Doug Wimbish … it was unreal. I was so excited.”

The session was hosted by the Music Business Bachelor of Science Degree Program and streamed via GoTo Training for online students. Department Chair Heather Torres called it “invaluable” and “one of the best performances I’ve seen on campus.”

“[Doug] obviously cares about developing the next great musicians and entertainment business professionals,” said Heather. “Events like Doug’s give me so much pride in our school.”

Check out more photos from the event below.