Kim Alpert’s Five Favorite Projects

Kim Alpert has been a creative professional for over a decade, creating campaigns for clients like Nintendo, Samsung, Motorola, and Seattle’s Best Coffee, as well as her own art pieces. Her output only continues to stack up as she breaks new ground as a creative strategist with her new Chicago design firm Make Amazing.

The studio represents the culmination of a personal vision Kim has been honing since her time as a student in our Digital Arts & Design program, and with her Hall of Fame induction coming up we recently took the opportunity to ask her to reflect on five of her favorite projects both past and present.

  • At Make Amazing we’ve been building a personal identity project for Robert Gardner. He’s a legendary filmmaker who redefined ethnographic and anthropology documentaries. His work deals with the same kind of topics that I’m interested in as an artist, as far as gender and death and time – all of the relatable humanism that we have. To be able to work with him to create how he is visually represented through technology for his body of work online has been incredible.


  • This musician that I really love, Solvent out of Canada, put together an incredible documentary called I Dream of Wires about the modular synthesizer. It was one of those things where I loved it and he posted online that he needed some motion graphics and I reached out and said I’d love to help him out. It’s nice when you’re able to pick something out that you want to work on and actually get it – it’s such an honor and a really great film.

  • I’m particularly proud about building an engine while I was at Sparkfactor to do these charitable giving essays and photo contests for Sears. One of these was the More Green Across America campaign. It was part of their mission to nominate a public park that needed to get redone, and then donate the tools and time and people in order to carry that out. Projects that involve caring are just so powerful, and an incredible thing to be a part of.
  • The Sears Chef Challenge was also a great campaign. It was like a version of Top Chef, where there would be eight chefs chosen by Sears, and then eight that would be people who entered from YouTube. We had to incorporate things like live voting and user-submitted videos, but then it was also about raising money for different food banks and charities they chose to sponsor. It brought hunger and charitable giving to the conversation, which to me is an absolutely necessary thing when you’re talking about businesses of that scale.


  • While at Layer One Media I pitched and won the redesigns for Reynolds Wrap and Hefty, which are separate business units and have very different needs. It had been some time since they had thought about their .com properties and how they were going to grow, communicate, and ramp up their initiative to have more SEO focus in a holistic manner. It’s really satisfying to go through the planning process, leading sessions with them and their other agencies. It made me grow my practice and understand as a strategist more – getting into the psychology of how different shoppers shop.