Justin Dec’s New Short Film ‘Jennifer Lawrence is Coming’ [Video]

Writer/director Justin Dec is back with his second comedy short of 2013, Jennifer Lawrence is Coming. This four-minute clip follows a week in the lives of two eager roommates waiting for the Oscar-winning actress to drop by their home. Leads Taylor Miller and Denver Milord give inspired comedic performances, and make sure you stick around through the end credits.

The 2001 Film graduate shot the entire project in one 12-hour split day this June, and is considering entering it into festivals in the Los Angeles area. Speaking to us about his latest work, Justin explained, “I’m always proud of the projects I do, particularly because I write them. When you see something that you wrote literally come to life, it’s an incredible feeling. Especially when other people react positively to it as well.”

Jennifer Lawrence is Coming follows Justin’s earlier 2013 short Talking Carl Talks Too Much, which was selected to appear in this year’s L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival. His unique career has also included a pilot for his own original series, as well as roles as a production assistant on films like Rock of Ages and Marley & Me, as well as the series Parks and Recreation and Dexter.



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