It’s Pie Day!

Exciting news if you’re still on campus: Pie Day is here! For more than a decade, Full Sail staffers have been sending students off on a safe and happy Thanksgiving break by handing out free slices of delicious pie. The tradition resumes today: Stop by the patios behind Buildings 2 or 3F between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. to grab your free slice (or two) of pie. We hear from the Student Advising Department that this year’s selection will include apple, pumpkin, pecan, and sweet potato pies, plus cheesecake. Happy Thanksgiving!

(The Full Sail-inspired pumpkin pie above was made by Full Sail’s Social Media team.)



4 thoughts on “It’s Pie Day!

  1. Avatar LuisDeGouveia says:

    Was AWESOME, really good the pie that I try…do it again hahahaha

  2. Avatar LuisDeGouveia says:

    Was really good, you have to repeat it again, I took a cheese cake with my friend, it will be awesome if you do it once at month hahaha maybe the hamburger day, or pizza day, or shrimp day! Why not? Hahahaha

    1. Avatar Tulatorn Chirawatpongsa says:

      I hope we have a pizza day too! lol

  3. Avatar Guest says:

    I hope we have a pizza day too! lol

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