Internet Marketing Grad Founds Charitable Coffee Company

Internet Marketing master’s grad Nicole Reihl is determined to make a difference in the world, one cup of coffee at a time.

As the founder of We the People Coffee & Tea, Nicole created the company with a mission to “inspire a culture of giving, compassion, action and unity throughout the United States by making giving an easy and delicious part of people’s daily routine.”

How is the company doing this? Each time a customer visits the website, they first have the opportunity to choose their favorite charity to donate to. From there, customers then select the coffee and/or tea they would like to purchase. For every sale, 10% of the purchase goes toward their selected charity, allowing customers to feel warm and fuzzy, and not just from the delicious coffee!

Nicole is putting her Internet Marketing master’s degree to use while helping the company grow to its fullest potential.

“My degree has given me the knowledge to know what is needed to properly plan an annual online marketing strategy for my business,” she says. “If I didn’t know what was needed, I wouldn’t be able to budget for it and there would be a lot of surprises throughout the year… and when you are a start-up on a tight budget, surprises are not a good thing. Also, once you understand the rules, then you know how to break them in a smart way.”

Nicole’s hard work has not gone unnoticed, and she was recently recognized for her work through an article, celebrating her dedication to the company and effort to make the world a better place.