id Software Recruiters Visit Campus

The name id Software carries a lot of weight with gamers. This influential studio popularized the first person shooter genre in the 90’s with franchises like WolfensteinDoom, and Quake – so you can understand why over 200 students crammed into our Entertainment Business Center to meet with recruiters from the company during their recent visit to campus.

The event was hosted by Art Director Jeremy Cook and Human Resources Manager Carrie Barcroft, who spoke about the company’s long history with the first person shooter genre, including their most recent project, Rage, and offered advice on how students could best prepare themselves for a career in gaming.

The pair fielded questions about how much experience they expect entry-level programmers to have, as well as tips on putting together a dynamic demo reel to catch the attention of employers. Above all else, Cook stressed that personality is the biggest factor when bringing new talent into the company.

“At id, we really like to push the envelope in terms of technology, but also with our people, and that plays into our hiring process,” he said. “We want people who can think out of the box, are problem solvers, and are good communicators. It’s really important for us because we want our team to be surrounded by the best people. So show us that you have talent, that you can do the job, and that you have a passion for what you do.”

During their time on campus the team from id also got a first-hand look at the kind of work coming out of our gaming programs, as they sat in on the Final Project presentations for the recent graduating class.

“You guys really are the next generation,” Cook said. “Your career is a journey and you’re getting a really good start here. I wish my school had been one tenth as awesome as this.”