Hall of Fame Inductee Steve Cainas Talks Film Production

Following his induction into the Full Sail Hall of Fame, Film graduate Steve Cainas spent the afternoon speaking with students about his 18 years in the industry, offering stories about his work as a Production Coordinator on over two dozen projects.

“There’s always an emergency and a crisis every day on a film set, and it’s basically my job to overt that,” he said.

Cainas’s credit list includes recent films like Knight and Day and The Ugly Truth, as well as the first two seasons of ABC’s Lost, which provided a number of unique challenges – including getting the plane on set for the pilot episode.

“We had to hire a construction crew to cut it into pieces, put it on barges, and get it to Hawaii,” he says. “We also needed to shut down the streets to transport it to the beach once it got there, then put it back together. It was a great learning experience for me just being on location and having to pull off a production of that scale.”

Later during the Q+A session Steve was joined by film producer Beth DePatie, who worked with him on 2009’s Fame. The two fielded a range of questions, with many students asking for advice on the best way to start their careers.

“Networking is the number one thing you can do,” Beth said. “To this day we tend to ask each other for recommendations on people to hire.”

Steve also offered encouragement to the room of up and coming filmmakers, saying “The studio system incorporates a number of positions, and I’m always looking for great people. You’re the guys who can help make my job easier.”